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Have we allowed Christmas to become too commercialized?

Many people feel like Christmas has become too commercialized; that the holidays have become more about the hustle and bustle of shopping for and buying presents than about love.  Recently, many stores have begun stocking and decorating for Christmas sales, even before Halloween.  The rush for buzz over which stores will open early on black Friday has even spilled over into Thanksgiving Thursday.  Regardless of the answer to the question, we can almost all agree it couldn't hurt to spread a little more love and compassion during the holidays.  That's what A More Conscious Christmas is all about.  When we are conscious of and help the less fortunate, and those who could never give to us in return, we advance the true spirit of Christmas, and it is a gift like no other!

If a friend or loved one asked you to consider this for them this year, they have made a special request of you...

     They have asked you to consider, as one additional option, presenting them with a different and special kind of gift this season.  Rather than spend money on something for them, they would like for you to consider as an option, donating time, useful items, or money to a charity in their honor.  It's a win-win-win scenario. First, you don't have to worry about getting them something that doesn't fit, or they don't really need.  You can get them something you know they will appreciate, because they've suggested this.  Secondly, you can give them a gift unlike any other- the gift of philanthropy.  By your making a donation in their honor, they are in effect, giving to someone who could not possibly give back to them in return. That warms the soul in a way nothing else can. Additionally, both you and the person who referred you here, will have the satisfaction of knowing you both contributed to making the world a little better place by raising consciousness about the true spirit of giving and the season.  And finally, you both will have made a big difference for someone who may have otherwise had no Christmas at all this year!

Need a suggestion for contributing time, useful items, or money?

     Suggestions for charities and researching them

Please consider this for yourself...

     Please consider making this request of others.  The true spirit of the season is giving.  And true charity only occurs when we give to the less fortunate, to others who could not possibly give to us in return.  When we do, we have the experience of having acted out of true, unconditional love.  It blesses us at deep emotional levels like nothing else can.  And it helps remind us, and others what Christmas is really all about!

How this page can help...

     This page is intended to help with A More Conscious Christmas in two main ways...  1)  It is an easy way to explain to a friend or loved one that you would like them to consider contributing to a more conscious Christmas.  Just send them a link to this page, and it will explain it to them.  2)  Below you will find a number of Christmas cards that you can print out that will explain your charitable contribution as your gift in their honor.  It includes a version for a representative of a charity to fill in and sign, making it easy to document your contribution.
A Holiday Wish...
A More Conscious Christmas Cards...

     These cards are designed to go along with and explain a contribution to a charity as a gift.  The cards can be downloaded as .pdf files and printed out and inserted in a standard letter-sized envelope.  There are easy to follow instructions for how to download and print them.  (In the .pdf files, the front of the card is upside down, because it will be folded over- see the instructions below for a clear explanation.)  For a really nice presentation, they can be printed on a decorative card stock.  If you like a color card and don't have a color printer, most office supply stores will print a single page on a color printer, in full color, for a little over a dollar.  Click on a card below to download it's .pdf file.  All you have to do is select the appropriate card interior, and a card front that you like, and follow these easy steps.

Step 1)
                                  choose a card interior...                                          and what you want for the front
                       (click one of the interiors below to download the .pdf file to print)                            (click one of the card front selections below
                                                                                                                                                                        to download the .pdf file to print)

OR                                    AND
Card Fronts:

Step 2)
On one sheet of paper, print the front with the card interior...   then the back with the card front
Step 3)
    Cut off the bottom portion along the marked line

Step 4)  Fill out the card and sign it.

Step 5)
    Fold the card over, and insert it in a standard sized envelope.  Viola!